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An Incubation Hub for Waterford’s Cultural Quarter

Project: An Incubation Hub for Waterford’s Cultural Quarter
Client: Waterford City and County Council
Role: Project Director and Author


As a second phase in the development of Waterford’s Cultural Quarter (WCQ) the City and County Council sought expressions of interest to develop a plan for an Incubation Hub to support the development of the creative industries sector in the WCQ and as a core building block for delivery of a successful cultural quarter.  This project incorporated an investigation of vacant spaces within the WCQ itself and their potential for refurbishment and repurposing as part of the Incubation facility in the city.

Working with local stakeholders across the education, economic development, business, community and cultural sectors KTCL developed a framework and vision for a Hub that will incubate, educate, innovate and activate the creative industries economy potential of Waterford; adding to the vibrancy of the WCQ and positioning Waterford as a destination for creative industries SMEs, micro enterprises and research opportunities across Ireland and beyond.