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Plato CreativeD

Project: CreativeD
Client: PLATO Dublin
Role: Programme Developer and Facilitator


Karan Thompson is the programme developer and facilitator for the PLATO Dublin’s CreativeD, a business development programme which supporting the growth of SMEs and microenterprises in the Creative Industries sector.  CreativeD is a 12-month programme which brings together a group of 15 owner/managers of creative businesses to share leaning, develop a peer network and focus on their individual business development through a facilitated and developmental process.

CreativeD was part of a wider European initiative called ECCE Innovation, which was co-financed by the Interreg IVB Programme.   CreativeD participants benefit from peer learning, insights and experience of the programme facilitators and the value of the wider PLATO network.  It is run annually in association with the Dublin City Local Enterprise Office.