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Karan Thompson Consulting Limited (KTCL)

Privacy Policy

June 2019


This Privacy Policy has been developed in line with the General Data Protection Regulation set out by the European Union, came into effect on May 25th 2018.

Karan Thompson is the data controller of Karan Thompson Consulting Limited (KTCL).  She may be contacted via email at info@ktcl.ie or by telephone on +353 (0)1 4429722 in the case of any request or complaint.

Information which KTCL collects from you

If you are not yet a KTCL client but send an email via our website, contact details and related information you supply will only be used to contact you about that specific request.  By contacting us through our website, you are consenting to being contacted by KTCL for the sole purpose of the request made.

If you would like to sign up to our newsletter, please go to the footer of the website where you can sign up for interesting KTCL news. By signing up to our newsletter, you are consenting to be contacted in the form of an email newsletter from KTCL.

When you become a KTCL client, we will ask you for relevant data relating to carrying out our services, which generally includes: names, email addresses of specific personnel relate dot the project, phone numbers, business address and any relevant documentation required by us for the delivery of an effective consultancy service to your company.

When you visit the KTCL website, browser data such as your IP address is collected anonymously from you by Google Analytics in order to improve the site and customer service. This data is not used to identify individuals and will be automatically deleted 14 months after collection. 


How your information is stored

The information and files that KTCL collects from you is stored on our secure cloud storage system. If you are working with us on a document with sensitive information, we will delete it from our systems with your consent, once the content is no longer required by KTCL. 


Legal basis for using your data

KTCL will only use personal data with your consent. This consent will be recorded via email communications or telephone conversations with you.

When you become a client, KTCL will use your data in order to carry out the contract agreed between KTCL and your business.  In addition, KTCL may process personal data for the purposes of their legitimate interests provided such processing doesn’t outweigh your rights and freedoms. For example, KTCL may process personal data to:

  • Comply with laws that apply to the business;
  • Enable or administer the business, such as for quality control, consolidated reporting, and customer service;
  • Understand and improve the business or customer relationships generally.

For how long do we keep your data?

KTCL will not keep your personal data for longer than necessary. Once your consultancy project is completed, KTCL will store your files for an initial period of one year, in case you need to return to it or wish make alterations at a later date.  At the end of this period you will be asked if you wish to have your data deleted or retained by KTCL for a further year.

KTCL’s rationale for retention is that from experience clients request copies of documentation to be sent from KCTL, or return to work with us again taking up from where we left off on a previous project.

Getting access to your data

KTCL will provide you with access to all of your data on request. You can ask for your data to be amended if it’s inaccurate, deleted, or transferred to you in a common format. This will be done within one month of your request.

Is your data used by third parties?

On occasions we work with associate partners for specific projects, to enhance the diversity and skill set of the project to suit client’s needs. If we are working with an associate partner for your assignment with us we commit to only sharing relevant files and information with our associate that are specifically required for the project.

In the case where an NDA specifically requests that sub-contractors / associate partners are not permitted to contribute to a project, Karan Thompson will have sole access to access to information for that project.

For advertising purposes, KTCL may publish project images on its website (www.ktcl.ie), and their social media channels – Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Where a NDA is signed or if the project contains sensitive data, such images will not be published online.

We work with third party mentoring supports via Local enterprise offices nationally and Fáilte Ireland’s Business Supports Programme.  In the case of mentoring and business development supports afforded through these third parties, the business data shared with us in relation to our work with you is not shared with the third-party provider.  In certain (and limited) instances there may be a specific request/ rationale for sharing documentation to enhance project delivery, in which case you will be asked for your consent prior to any information being handed over to the third-party provider.

Regarding our online payments system, we work with a third-party payment provider – Paypal – your data will be required and shared with this provider when booking a consultation online through www.ktcl.ie.

What happens if your data is lost or stolen?

KTCL undertakes to report all significant data breaches to the Data Protection Commissioner within 72 hours of the breach occurring, unless the personal data breach is unlikely to result in a risk to your rights and freedoms as an individual.

KTCL also undertakes to document the facts relating to the breach, its effect, and any remedial action taken.  If the personal data breach is likely to result in a high risk to your rights and freedoms, Karan Thompson shall communicate the personal data breach to you without undue delay.